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Closing The Gap Between What You Know And What You Do

In the mail today, I received the author’s complimentary copy of my new book, Leadership by Invitation. I was being interviewed earlier in the week about the book and was asked the question; “What is the one thing you would tell someone who is writing a book to help them reach their goal of actually […]


The Power Of Urgency – The Time To Act Is Now

This month in The Platform Builders mastermind group we are working our way through “The Power Of Urgency – Playing to Win with Proactive Urgency” by William Keiper.  John Maxwell teaches that the greatest gap is the gap between what we know and what we do.  I believe the Proactive Urgency that Keiper is talking […]


Effectiveness Is A Path To Results – Not Productivity

This was one of those blog titles that I plugged in a few weeks ago because I thought it would be a good topic for one of my upcoming posts. As I opened up wordpress to start in on the post I had to laugh.  This is a picture of my desk at the exact […]


The Men Who Built America – Henry Ford

Well here we are, a new year and a new plan, right?  I know this –  the Platform Builders have some new plans for 2014 and this year we are starting our Mastermind study with a little twist. This month we are masterminding through The Men Who Built America, a DVD produced by the History […]


Have You Ever Been On A Trip To Someday Isle?

Someday I think I’ll _________.  Go ahead and fill in the blank.  Now answer a question for me.  How long have you been saying that?  If you are like most, there are things that you want to do and as soon as someday gets here, you will do them. One of my mentors asked once; […]


Failure Won’t Ruin You, It Will Reveal You!

National Quit Day has come and gone.  My hope is that the “why” behind your 2014 goals was strong enough to keep you on course and that you continue to productively pursue the goals that will make 2014 your most successful year yet. If you are still on track with your goals – good on […]