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The Trust Edge – Part 2, Clarity, Compassion, Character & Competency

This is the second of four posts discussing David Horsager’s book “The Trust Edge.”  How Top Leaders Gain Faster Results, Deeper Relationships, and a stronger Bottom Line. The basic premise of the book is that when we build trust, we gain a competitive advantage in the world we live in.  I believe that this applies to both […]


Self Leadership Step One – Learning To Say “NO”

I posted a few weeks ago about my big aspirations for this year.  I have been working for months developing a business plan that will accomplish many goals over the next twelve months.  A big part of my success will depend on my ability to say “no.” Many people reading this may have no problem […]


Looking For Clarity? Maybe It’s Time To Author Your OPUS

I recently completed a coaching certification developed by Kary Oberbrunner called The Deeper Path. Part of the certification involved a ten week collaboration that ended in the authoring of my OPUS.  I know what your thinking … “your what?” Fair enough. The word opus is admittedly not used by most people regularly but for me, […]


The Trust Edge – Part 1, The Case For Trust

One of the mastermind groups I am participating in was created by my friend Paul and it based on Michael Hyatt’s book Platform.  We have challenged ourselves to read and mastermind on twelve books this year all focused on living and working with integrity while providing our service and as Hyatt puts it, “Get Noticed […]


Are You Really Thriving Or Just Surviving?

Wow, this question really hits close to home. I don’t know exactly how many of the last twenty-five years I have spent surviving, but I know it was too many.  In fact, for a while it was probably so bad that I didn’t even realize it. I recently heard a church sermon on the idea […]


Does Your Map Show What’s On The Other Side Of The Bridge?

Do you ever wonder what is on the other side of the bridge before you cross it?  In many cases, we already know what’s there, but there comes a time when we will cross a bridge we have not crossed before.  Do we think about it?  Is this the bridge even on our map? I […]