I have really enjoyed the mastermind group study on the book “Be All You Can Be.”  I feel as though everyone in our mastermind group has connected on a whole other level. I also feel that this is mainly due to Barry’s guidance as we go through the book together.  I have witnessed how transparent he is with his own personal life and it puts everyone at such ease.  With him being this way, everyone is more willing to participate in the discussions and voice their own feelings.  Barry, very gently, encourages people to participate and always thanks them for their input or has, on several occasions, complimented them on their comments.  The passion he displays has an impact on the entire group.  He is very intentional to make sure we work together as a team and that no one gets lost.  I’m extremely happy with how this mastermind group has impacted Barry and my, not only personal, but professional relationship.  “Be All You Can Be” has been a book that I will keep and refer to in the future.

Belinda Loucks – Accounting Manager


Barry has been one of the best leaders and speakers that I have known.  Barry makes you feel so positive about life, dealing with small and large problems, as well as dealing with the types of people that bring the majority of people down because of their negative attitude.  Through our mastermind study, we have taken in a lot of great info on dealing with and helping others to become leaders not followers.  We have discussed different ways to approach issues by responding positively, not reacting negatively.  We have learned that we all have the tools to Be All You Can Be and most people just have to open their tool box to get headed down the right path.  Barry is very easy to listen to and learn from and I would listen to anything he has to offer.

Dennis Carey – Driver

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