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Energize Your Leadership – The Why Will Produce The How

Do you ever feel like you just don’t have enough energy to do the things that you want to do because you are spending all of it on the things you have to do?  Finding the energy to make it through everyday is hard enough and finding the energy to pour into others as a […]


The Real Value In Hitting A Bucket Of Balls!

Have you ever noticed that when you allow yourself to look beyond the obvious, you can learn some cool stuff from the most interesting places.  Last weekend we headed across the state of Oregon into Idaho to visit family for the Easter Weekend.  I learned a few unexpected lessons while there. I guess my journey […]


The 3 “Must Have” Tools For Success – What’s In Your Toolbox?

As a coach, speaker, trainer and author, I strive to get results for my clients.  My biggest challenge – it’s not up to me to get them.  It’s not up to me to choose the goals or achieve them.  It’s not what I want, it’s what the client wants. My role is to provide a […]


Deposits and Withdrawals – What’s On Your Leadership Balance Sheet?

It’s funny how life has a way of balancing itself out.  I have found that the time when I feel the best and am the most productive are when my life is in balance.  I also have noticed that when my friends and clients are in that same zone they experience similar results. In my […]


The Wealthiest Place on Earth – The Graveyard

Alright everybody, I will let you know right now that this post is intended to call each and everyone of you out, including me!  I first heard this geographical lesson from Les Brown, and it went something like this: “The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find […]


Failure Won’t Ruin You, It Will Reveal You!

National Quit Day has come and gone.  My hope is that the “why” behind your 2014 goals was strong enough to keep you on course and that you continue to productively pursue the goals that will make 2014 your most successful year yet. If you are still on track with your goals – good on […]