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To Sell Is Human – Part 3, What To Do

This is the final of of three posts taking a look at Dan Pink’s “To Sell Is Human.”  Pink brings a new look at the art of selling and explains why although statistically one of nine Americans work in sales, so do the rest of us. In section one, Pink discusses what he calls the […]


Preparing For A Storm – What Decisions Will You Make?

As I write this, Hurricane Sandy is set to smack the eastern coast line in a way that we have not seen in recent history.  I am on the left coast so my participation in this event will have to be lived vicariously through friends that I have within the storms path. I have been […]


Does Your Coach Have A Coach? 6 Reasons Why He Should!

As a coach, I am expected to help others to achieve more.  But what about me – the coach – doesn’t it make sense that if I am impressing upon others the value of coaching, that I should have a coach of my own?  You bet it does. I have coaches, mentors and accountability partners. […]


Leadership Challenge: What Happens When Things Go Wrong?

Has anything bad ever happened to you?  I know, dumb question.  The real question is what did you do when it happened?  How did you respond?  If you have been reading my blog for very long, you know that I am always the first to admit when I was wrong.  Mostly because I have more […]


The Law Of Timing – 7 Concepts To Help Decide “When”

The Law of Timing says that “when to lead is as important as what to do and where to go.”  As I increase my influence in the world of leadership development , I have been strategically planning the what and where aspects of the things I have been doing and where I am doing them. […]


The Law of Intuition – The Insight Of A Leader

  Today we celebrate our Nation’s Independence Day.  I wonder what level of intuition influenced our founding fathers, our original leaders, in founding this County.  John Maxwell in his The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership states: “Successful leaders see every situation in terms of available resources: money, raw materials, technology, and people.  They can sense […]