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What If Plan “B” Could Become Plan “Better”?

Last week on our Platform Builders Mastermind call. we spotlighted one of the Maxwell Team mentors, Ed DeCosta, who recently release his new book ASCEND: A Coach’s Roadmap For Taking Your Performance To New Heights.   If you want some “no-nonsense, get results” strategies for reaching new levels of achievement, you will find it in […]


The Men Who Built America – Thomas Edison

Well here we are, a new year and a new plan, right?  I know this –  the Platform Builders have some new plans for 2014 and this year we are starting our Mastermind study with a little twist. This month we are masterminding through The Men Who Built America, a DVD produced by the History […]


Failure Won’t Ruin You, It Will Reveal You!

National Quit Day has come and gone.  My hope is that the “why” behind your 2014 goals was strong enough to keep you on course and that you continue to productively pursue the goals that will make 2014 your most successful year yet. If you are still on track with your goals – good on […]


If I Had The Self-Confidence To Do It, I Would _____________!

Look at that, I already have you thinking and you haven’t even got past the title of the post yet.  I love it when that happens. Self-confidence is one of those funny things.  You don’t really understand it until you get it.  No, not “get it” like understand it, I mean get it like “get […]


What Are You Willing To Sacrifice In Order To Grow?

Friday night I attended a “Gold Rush” season premier party.  For those of you not familiar with the show, it revolves around three groups of gold miners chasing their dream to find the elusive shiny mineral and strike it rich. Part of my interest in the Discovery Channel hit is that I personally know some […]


The Myths Of Creativity – Who’s Idea Is It Anyway?

I have been having a lot of fun being part of the launch team for “The Myths of Creativity – The Truth About How Innovative Companies And People Really Generate Great Ideas” by David Burkus.  I never really put much thought into the idea of innovation and creativity … or did I? Burkus has totally […]