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Secrets Of Dynamic Communication – The Final SCORRE

The Platform Builders Mastermind Group invested the month of April digesting the Secrets of Dynamic Communication by Ken Davis.  Davis, a greatly sought out speaker, breaks down his SCORRE process in putting together a great presentation. One of key concepts I include in almost everything I speak on, teach on, or write about is CLARITY. […]


Leading The Starbucks Way – Part 3; Challenge Your Legacy

Wow!  This has been the longest stretch without posting here since I started this blog two years ago.  Between travelling, trying to get my book published and moving into a new office, I just had to say NO to a few things.  But now it’s back to business.  Let’s start by wrapping up our discussion on […]


Leading The Starbucks Way – Part 2; Connecting With Trust

This month in the Platform Builders Mastermind Group, we are diving into “Leading The Starbucks Way: 5 Principles for Connecting with Your Customers, Your Products, and Your People” by Joseph A. Michelli. Sure this book is about Starbucks, but it’s much bigger than that.  Michelli shows why Starbucks has become the coffee bean superpower of […]


Leaders Eat Last – Part 1; The Forces That Keep Us Safe

This month, in The Platform Builders Mastermind group, we are working our way through Simon Sinek’s recently released “Leaders Eat Last – Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t.” Sinek, the author of Start With Why, provides a deep look into what creates the most effective teams and more importantly, what keeps them working […]


How Does Someone Who Hated English Class End Up A Writer?

Most of my High School years were spent trying to stay out of trouble. The only subjects I ever really did any good in were shop, gym and math.  English?  Not even close.  In fact, the only good memory I have of English class was my freshman teacher, Mrs. Miller.  It really didn’t even have […]


Adversaries Into Allies – Part 3; Motivation and Outcome

Happy New Year everyone! We are definitely finishing strong with this month’s book mastermind. Adversaries Into Allies – Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion, by Bob Burg, gives a fresh look into how we can influence others while maintaining our integrity and character. Some of you probably recognize Burg as the co-author of The […]