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What I Learned From My Book Launch – It’s About More Than The Book!

WOW!  So many emotions over the last few months as the dream of publishing a book became a reality.  The release of Leadership by Invitation: How to RSVP and Embrace your Role as a LEADER, has provided many lessons, many of which I did not see coming during my book launch. As I put together […]


What The Boy Scouts Taught Me About Memorial Day

One of the things I miss the most about being a Boy Scout leader is the Memorial Day Flag Plant that we participated in every year.  On Memorial Day, we would head up to Willamette National Cemetery in Portland and along with the boys, would clean off the grave markers, plant a flag and audibly […]


Leading The Starbucks Way – Part 3; Challenge Your Legacy

Wow!  This has been the longest stretch without posting here since I started this blog two years ago.  Between travelling, trying to get my book published and moving into a new office, I just had to say NO to a few things.  But now it’s back to business.  Let’s start by wrapping up our discussion on […]


The Real Value In Hitting A Bucket Of Balls!

Have you ever noticed that when you allow yourself to look beyond the obvious, you can learn some cool stuff from the most interesting places.  Last weekend we headed across the state of Oregon into Idaho to visit family for the Easter Weekend.  I learned a few unexpected lessons while there. I guess my journey […]


What If Plan “B” Could Become Plan “Better”?

Last week on our Platform Builders Mastermind call. we spotlighted one of the Maxwell Team mentors, Ed DeCosta, who recently release his new book ASCEND: A Coach’s Roadmap For Taking Your Performance To New Heights.   If you want some “no-nonsense, get results” strategies for reaching new levels of achievement, you will find it in […]


Leading The Starbucks Way – Part 1; Savor And Elevate

This month in the Platform Builders Mastermind Group, we are diving into “Leading The Starbucks Way: 5 Principles for Connecting with Your Customers, Your Products, and Your People” by Joseph A. Michelli. Sure this book is about Starbucks, but it’s much bigger than that.  Michelli shows why Starbucks has become the coffee bean superpower of […]