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The 5 Pillars Of Influential Leadership – Part 11: My Communication

This is the 11th of 16 weekly installments on The 5 Pillars of Influential Leadership.  Every Thursday, I will break down the 5 Pillars and show you how becoming and influential leader will not only improve your job skills but your personal life as well. The 5 Pillars is a project that I have been […]


Guatemala – Let The Future Begin!

This is my final post on my experience in Guatemala but it won’t soon be forgotten by any of my friends and colleagues that just went through an amazing week of transformation.  Not only for Guatemala but within ourselves as well. When I last left you, we had finished up our training and were headed […]


Guatemala – This Is Just The Beginning!

After two days of training I thought I had it figured out.  Yea, right!  First thing, I lose my trusted interpreter.  Then I am told I will be teamed up with someone.  OK – This will take me outside my comfort zone for sure.  I was just getting comfortable with the process. Then it struck […]


Guatemala – An Outward Experience For An Inward Journey

All the lessons learned yesterday made this morning run much smoother.  As the news spread about the work we have been doing, additional requests were received for more.  Several team members pulled double duty today to accommodate the requests for additional transformation. As my translator Anai and I entered our transport vehicle this morning, the […]


Guatemala – The Word Of The Day “ESPERANZA”

I find it hard to explain what happen today.  I am not going to say it was great, incredible or unbelievable even though those words probably describe what took place. The truth is I don’t know how to explain it.  How do you explain something that you have never done that made you feel like […]


Guatemala – Yesterday Ended At Midnight, Today Is A New Day!

I have come to the conclusion that stating the “today was incredible” will become quite redundant so I will just get to it. Today was the first day that we had the opportunity to really connect with the local residents that are helping out.  This morning we finalized the training we will be doing and […]