Barry - CopyWith thirty years in the construction industry I have seen the full impact of good, poor and no leadership.  The recent economy has hit everyone hard and clearly one of the hardest hit is the construction industry.  As owners, managers and leaders within the industry, we are faced with a major challenge today in what I consider both our greatest asset and at the same time, our greatest liability – our people.  Although my background is in construction, leadership principles apply across the board and no matter what industry or business you are in, the need for leadership and personal development exist.

As responsible members of our business at any level, we have the challenge to not only lead our people in a positive way but to also develop them in such a way that they can develop the skills to lead others in the future while maintaining the core values of the business they work for.

I have had the opportunity to lead in several different positions throughout my career and have come to the conclusion that leadership is a skill that you will never fully understand or accomplish.  The dynamic of the workforce is ever changing and if we want to be able to fully engage our people, we need to understand the culture they have been brought up in.

Those of you that are in these positions are most likely between thirty-five and sixty-five years old.  Many of the people we are leading are younger than that and have been brought up during a time when our culture has created a sense of entitlement and they don’t fully understand the core set of values that the rest of us were raised with.  I realize this is a fairly broad statement, but the point is this – we have to be able to connect with those we are leading in order to influence them in a positive way.  We need to lead with actions that represent integrity and honesty and help them to understand why character matters.

The pressure to produce results in this industry is more of a challenge now than ever and the best way to reduce the risk of your liabilities and protect your assets is to invest in the development of your people.  Building What Matters was founded for that specific reason – to Build What Matters – People.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about what Building What Matters has to offer you related to the leadership development of you and your people.

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