Secrets Of Dynamic Communication – The Final SCORRE

secrets commThe Platform Builders Mastermind Group invested the month of April digesting the Secrets of Dynamic Communication by Ken Davis.  Davis, a greatly sought out speaker, breaks down his SCORRE process in putting together a great presentation.

One of key concepts I include in almost everything I speak on, teach on, or write about is CLARITY.  Clarity adds power and impact to anything we attempt to do.  [Tweet This]

The SCORRE framework that Davis has broken down does exactly that.  It provides clarity and impact to any idea you might have, regardless how you will be presenting it.

Davis offers two primary functions of the SCORRE process:

  • It serves as a scope to force the speaker to focus on a single objective.
  • It serves as a logical grid forcing the speaker to make sense and lead the audience to the objective.

I believe that those two functions can serve us in any kind of presentation, written or spoken. Let’s take a closer look at the SCORRE process.


Nothing too scary or difficult here – simply pick a subject.  It can be anything, but ideally a subject that people are interested in.  Remember, the whole idea of putting a presentation together is to add value to the person watching the presentation or reading the content.


The central theme is going to be a part of the subject that allows you to build to a specific piece of content.  Your subject might be the automobile but without a central theme, such as fuel mileage, you will find it difficult to provide the clarity needed to engage your audience.


The objective is simply the purpose of the body of work.  When you have clarity on what exactly you are trying to accomplish, you will find it much easier to put together a presentation that makes sense and that the audience can follow and understand.


The rationale is the logical content of your presentation that will lead the listener to understand the purpose behind it.  In short, these are the main points that support the purpose.  This is the structure of your work.


The resources are the added “personal touches” that enhance the rest of the story. This could be through graphics, data, humor, or any number of different additions that take a framework or outline and turn it into an interesting, engaging, and value adding presentation.


As a speaker an author myself, I understand the idea of “dual purposing” everything I create.  It is my work, cradle to grave.  The evaluation part of the process allows me to take a look after each time I present it and see what I need to add, subtract or change.

This book is a highly recommended read for anyone who wishes to communicate in a dynamic way that will connect.  The SCORRE framework will allow you to put together a competent presentation or body of work that will provide a clear message and add value to the one receiving it.

Davis has done an amazing job putting what he has presented into the way he has presented it. You can see the SCORRE process throughout the book.  His wit and wisdom bring the book to life and he has clearly described what has made him a leader in his field.


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