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Are Your Expectations Keeping You From Success?

Expectations.  What does this word actually mean and how does it impact our lives?  Have you ever been disappointed because your expectations were not met?  Have you ever exceeded your expectations and felt overwhelmed with joy at the success? I believe our expectations, what we expect to happen, have more impact on us that most […]


The Entitlement Issue – Independence or In Dependence?

I have often referred to Generation Y as Generation E as a way to point the “Entitlement” finger at them.  No doubt, you have seen this shift in our culture that the idea of “working hard for what you get” is no longer a requirement but a choice. I am 47 years old and I […]


Your Brand – Does It Describe What You Do Or Who You Are?

I am bombarded with countless emails each week about branding. Clearly branding is a huge part of marketing and is very integral in the building of our platform.  But I have a question – Does your brand represent what you do or who you are? I believe that branding has everything to do with marketing […]


Telling The Truth Is Like An Elephant – Neither Of Them Forget!

You know the old saying “an elephant never forgets.”  I don’t know the complete story about elephants but I do know about telling the truth.  Not that I have never told a lie before, but I try and be as honest as I can. I think most of the people I spend time with are […]


Your Story – Tomorrow Always Starts With A Blank Piece Of Paper!

Have you ever listened to someone tell you their life story and you get to the end and think “my life is so boring compared to that?  I think most of us have, but I have news for you – your life is not boring! You might think it is because you don’t have any […]


The 5 Pillars Of Influential Leadership – Part 4: Where Are They?

This is the 4th of 16 weekly installments on The 5 Pillars of Influential Leadership.  Every Thursday, I will break down the 5 Pillars and show you how becoming and influential leader will not only improve your job skills but your personal life as well. The 5 Pillars is a project that I have been […]