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“Building What Matters” to Represent in 2013 International Leadership Blogathon

On March 1st, a large conglomerate of leadership experts, coaches, speakers, authors, and leaders will come together for the 2nd Annual International Leadership Blogathon on For 31 days we will read amazing stories, unparalleled experiences, and leadership wisdom oozing from every crevice of the Internet. There are a total of 41 writers for the blogathon, gathered from countries. […]


To Sell Is Human – Part 1, Rebirth Of A Salesman

This will be the first of three posts taking a look at Dan Pink’s “To Sell Is Human.”  Pink brings a new look at the art of selling and explains why although statistically one of nine Americans work in sales, so do the rest of us. In section one, which will be discussed in this […]


How To Communicate In A Monkey Suit

I just finished six days of training with the John Maxwell Team in Orlando, Florida.  Some Maxwell teammates and I decided we would spend a few extra days in Orlando to decompress and collaborate on what we had learned and how to apply it in building our businesses. What better place to do so than […]


6 Reasons Why Being Prepared Is More Than Packing A Suitcase

Have you ever noticed how much thought you put into packing for a trip?  Maybe it’s just me, but I check, double check and triple check and still manage to miss something while getting prepared for travelling. Phone chargers, socks, reading material, vitamins … the list goes on.  I was getting ready for a trip […]


The Trust Edge – Part 4, Keeping The Edge

This is the final of four posts discussing David Horsager’s book ”The Trust Edge.”  How Top Leaders Gain Faster Results, Deeper Relationships, and a stronger Bottom Line. The basic premise of the book is that when we build trust, we gain a competitive advantage in the world we live in.  I believe that this applies to both […]


Stop Asking Questions, You Might Learn Something!

Have you ever been told to stop asking questions? Being a coach has been one of the most fulfilling jobs I have ever held.  The opportunity to unlock information within an individual, that has been locked up for an indefinite amount of time, is one of the most gratifying experiences I think one can ever […]