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No Pain No Gain – Sometimes Leadership Hurts

Leadership has many responsibilities and many of these involve pain and frustration.  Not necessarily the type of pain that requires medical attention, but the type of pain that comes with growth. A good friend of mine recently had knee replacement surgery.  Over the last few years, I have seen his ability to move around, without […]


The Law Of Explosive Growth – Developing Leaders

Nothing is more important in my reading and writing than Leadership Development and the growth that results from it.  Why?  Because just like John Maxwell says, “Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership.” Now that I am in my mid-forties, I can see a major gap between the leadership skills in my generation as compared to […]


Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say – How A Leader Builds Trust

What are the things that we do every day that build trust?  We have all heard it, “Say what you mean and mean what you say.”  This may be the one thing that is more directly related to how much people trust us than any other thing we do. I would suggest that there are […]


Take A Break – Your Performance Depends On It

Having a busy schedule may result in accomplishing a great deal but at what performance level are we really getting things done? One of my co-workers once told me “the day you get caught up, is the day we have a problem.”  I see the logic behind the statement, but as time has gone by, […]


The Law Of Timing – 7 Concepts To Help Decide “When”

The Law of Timing says that “when to lead is as important as what to do and where to go.”  As I increase my influence in the world of leadership development , I have been strategically planning the what and where aspects of the things I have been doing and where I am doing them. […]


Cutting Edge Or Bleeding Edge? Leadership Of The Future

I see a new face on leadership developing and not just in specific industries.  As generation Y begins their assimilation into the workforce, the relational side of the business world is changing.  We have all heard the expression cutting edge used to describe new, possibly outside the box, thinking related to technology and education. Leadership […]