The Law Of The Picture – Tribute To A Fallen Friend

The Law Of The Picture says that “People Do What People See.”  I write this post with a heavy heart as I, along with many, mourn the loss of “one of the good guys.”  My friend and fellow founding member of the John Maxwell Team, Kirk Goodwin passed away Monday night from injuries suffered in a car accident.

I find it no coincidence that The Law Of The Picture was the scheduled topic for this post.  The first time I met Kirk in person was earlier this year in Florida.  He and I had communicated via the eways many times and I will never forget the first time he saw me.  “Hi Barry” he said, in a way you would expect from someone you have known for years.  That was Kirk – living life to it’s fullest in everything he did.  We spoke numerous time over the next three days sharing our experiences, goals and vision for the future.  After returning home to our families, we continued our friendship communicating either via email or on the phone.

We reunited in late June, back in West Palm Beach, attending John Maxwell’s A Day About Books event.  This time we had the opportunity to have a more personal conversation and I found out more about who Kirk really was.  He was a solid man of faith, who I would describe a true servant to those around him.  His desire to truly make a difference and add value to everyone around him not only impressed me but inspired me.  He told me about the work he was doing with youth.  These were kids who many had already given up on, but not Kirk.  No one was to be left behind on his watch.

Kirk J Goodwin

I will forever be blessed to have know Kirk.  I fail to completely understand why, but Kirk and I were able to connect on common ground.  Maybe it was our desire to help others and make a difference or maybe it was simply that I was drawn to be like what I was seeing – seeing in Kirk.  Maybe what I saw in Kirk is what I want to be.

It has been less than 24 hours since his passing that I write this and the amount of support and the individual stories shared about Kirk already serve as a tribute to the man he was.  But for me personally, he has provided a gift.  You see, with his absence I feel an intense focus in my own life to be the picture that Kirk was – to become what I saw in him.  A man who gave everything with the expectation of nothing in return.

Now that Kirk has given everything I am deeply inspired to exceed his expectations in honoring his life by living in a way that will represent the legacy that he leaves behind.  The words below represent what Kirk not only demanded from himself but inspired in others.

“Please join me on the journey of unleashing the potential that lies within each of us”                          

          -Kirk J Goodwin

The picture at the top of  this post is for all of us.  As you can see it is a picture frame with no picture in it.  I believe that we all have a picture of what we want to look like and I ask that you honor Kirk’s memory today and search within yourself to decide what you want that picture to be.  I feel stronger than ever that I know what my picture will be and as a tribute to my friend Kirk, I commit to everyone who reads this to live that picture.

“God Bless Kirk.  See you in the big house upstairs my friend –  We will miss you!”

Please keep Kirk’s wife Lyn and his daughters Alyssa and Ashley in your thoughts and prayers.


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Barry Smith   8/8/12                                                                    top photo by author

8 Responses to “The Law Of The Picture – Tribute To A Fallen Friend”

  1. Kim Marino says:

    Thank you Barry for writing a beautiful portait of our valued team member and friend, Kirk. We will miss him so much. Kim

  2. Thank you Barry. What a beautiful tribute to Kirk’s life and memory! His impact will ripple for many years, into the lives of many people. Bless you, my friend!

  3. Patti Kay Hanrath says:

    Through tears I write this reply. I did not even meet Kirk, however, that Legacy is very strong…I’ve gotten to know him through people like you Barry and this all makes me step it up a notch….time is precious…there are no guarantees….shows how much “Today Matters”. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to an amazing man!

  4. Amy Wells says:

    Thak you for writing this Barry.

  5. Thanks for this wonderful post Barry. Although I did not have the privilege of meeting Kirk, through our group posts, I have witnessed his enthusiasm for the difference he was making in the world. He generously offered support and encouragement to others on this team.

    Kirk’s life reminds each of us that we all have a legacy to leave. No one is more or important or less important than the other. There are many lives to touch in many ways.

    The lesson I am learning from Kirk’s life is this: Whoever I am meant to serve – do my best to serve them! I am moving forward to framing my picture with a much more passionate focus and courage than I had on Monday!

  6. Chris Parker says:

    What a wonderful tribute. Thank you for honoring one of the GREATS.

  7. Thanks for this great tribute!

  8. Chip Higgins says:

    Thank you for these moving thoughts – so well stated and inspiring as well. You captured Kirk’s spirit so well. He was a special man.