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7 Risks Of Having More Than “Enough”

How much is enough?  I recently finished reading the book Enough by Will Davis Jr.  Davis has done an incredible job of describing the relationship between our quality of life and all the “stuff” that we have around us.  Simply put, we in the Western Culture have more than enough of what we need and […]


The Law Of The Big Mo – Are You Building Momentum?

Early last year I experienced a great example of the power that momentum can produce. Unusually warm temperatures and heavy rains on Mt. Hood in Oregon produced runoff that forced the Sandy River over it’s banks washing out a road that had previously withstood numerous high-water events. Witnessing the damage, I could only imagine the […]


Leadership Is Influence – At Any Level.

John Maxwell says “leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.”  I think that many people do not view themselves as potential leaders simply because of the job position they hold.  I disagree completely.  In every job, there is opportunity to influence those around you.  You get to make the choice on whether that influence is […]


What Choice Will You Make In The Face Of Adversity?

When we face adversity and have to make choices that will impact the way we deal with the challenge we have two choices.  The first choice is to focus on the who or the what that was responsible for the situation.  The second choice is to understand and accept that we are solely responsible on […]


The Law Of Victory – Where Will You Find Yours?

The Law of Victory says that “Leaders find a way for the team to win.”  I just spent four incredible days with my team, The John Maxwell Team.  Four days of adding value to each other and showing appreciation throughout.  I could go on and on about the victories we experienced this weekend but I […]


Ridiculousness To Greatness – What Opportunity Did You Miss Today?

When was the last time you felt like you were in the presence of greatness?  Yesterday, 25 of my friends and I sat in a crowded hallway awaiting our 15 minute claim to fame by being included in a Minute With Maxwell. The John Maxwell Company produces a video each day in which John is […]