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The Law Of Respect – As a Leader, Have You Really Earned It?

Today I am travelling home to Oregon, but yesterday I was able to spend several hours walking along the Atlantic coastline in Florida with my wife Michelle.  As I watched the tide continue to beat against an already battered shoreline (thanks to Tropical Storm Debby), I was reminded of the infinitely wise words of my […]


When You Have Something To Say – What Is Your Platform?

Yesterday I had the great opportunity to attend an event called “A Day About Books”.  John Maxwell, Charlie Wetzel and Michael Hyatt shared their thoughts on book writing and the platform used to get your word out.  You might be tempted to stop reading right here if you think “I am not interested in writing […]


The Law Of Solid Ground – Do You Trust Your Leader?

Some would say that trust is the foundation of leadership.  Have you ever followed someone that you could not trust?  What happens when the leader of an organization can’t be trusted?  I would suggest that a positional leader that has not gained the trust of his flock, is simply walking down a lonely road to […]


Are You Just Playing “Father The Leader”?

Father’s Day is almost over as I write this, at least the “official” one day a year on the calendar that we dedicate to fathers.  As a father’s day gift, my wife Michelle, made reservations at at one of our favorite locations in the Columbia River Gorge.  On Saturday afternoon the two of us, along […]


The Law of Addition – A Leaders Legacy

How would you respond to the question “Why is it important to be a leader?”  Many people view leadership the same way they view success.  We want to go as far as we can, climbing the corporate ladder, trying to achieve the highest position possible in the business we work in.  John Maxwell in his […]


Developing The Leaders Around You – The Influence Of A Leader

I recently had a conversation with the President of a very successful General Contractor and part of the conversation revolved around developing leaders to replace upper management in the future.  The jest of the statement was “I have another ten or fifteen years doing this but then what – who is going to step up […]